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for Tue 27 Jan 2015
You can`t be anyone but yourself. Luckily, you do a good job in that department. The people close to you expect great things, and they might be applying a little more pressure than you like. Although you need your space, it feels wrong to push them away. Listen to everyone`s story, even if you think it doesn`t apply. Or does it? You could learn something on a different level, although you may not be able to use it right away. It`s an act of courage to stay the course. Your plan is solid, and you believe in it.
You have deep roots in the material world. All this connectedness is a curse and a blessing. Maybe you`re not getting your first choice of experiences, but the ones you end up having are rich beyond belief. There are fates worse than this. Although you have no reason to be upset, you might have to deal with the psychic blast of someone else`s emotions. You can handle these distractions even if you`d rather not. You have a few special tricks in your playbook that might just be useful this time around. Rehearse them privately so that you`ll look better.
Now you`re getting somewhere and fast. The work you planned to finish flies between your fingers, spinning out masterfully. And it doesn`t stop here. As the day passes, you exceed your goal with no signs of slowing down. Forget the idea of quiet satisfaction. You`re crowing with pride. People are starting to believe all the wonderful things they heard about you. Maybe this means that from here on out you`ll be expected to perform on command. As of now, it seems possible and even desirable. Just don`t spread yourself too thin.
Like so many others, you have big dreams. You stand on the threshold of great potential, but you understand that you need to be prepared. The Stars are giving you a rare gift that needs to be used wisely. Instead of going for the impossible all at once, break the task down into smaller stages. Call it as you see it. Stay within acceptable boundaries. As your process unfolds, you refine your ideas. You fall in love with this thing the more you get to know it. Soon enough, you`ll be in a better position to do exactly what you intended from the beginning.
From the very beginning, you see what has to happen. This might look like it`s about ego, but it`s really just common sense in action. You`re in take charge mode for the next few days. Everyone has to know what you`re thinking so that you`re all on the same page. They may not see the world through your eyes, but that will change with enough persistence on your part. Be sure to mix in a healthy dose of patience, though. Authority comes naturally to some people, but with this crowd you`ll probably have to earn it.
A little foresight goes a long way. By now you know who you`re dealing with, and that should help you anticipate the arguments they might raise and the problems they might cause. Although you have your agenda, you still need to be fair about these things. Do your job without complaining, and make room for your personal life when and where you can. The people who love you will understand why your hands are so full. They know that your heart belongs to them, and that they`ll get your full attention as soon as you can spare it.
Raise your voice. You have something to say, and there`s no time like the present. Think of it as an excellent strategic move in an elaborate game. The person or thing that you want is available, but telepathy isn`t the most reliable option. Even so, all the pieces fall into place as if they were meant to. Wonderful, fragrant blossoms open up despite the season. Familiar scenery parts to reveal sweeping vistas. Nothing like this has happened to you or anyone you know. You wouldn`t be surprised if you were the first one on the planet to have such an experience.
How you feel has a strong influence on how you act. Anyone who understands this could manipulate you a little too easily. For that reason, you should probably avoid sharing with strangers whose intentions are unclear. This isn`t to say that you have to shut down. Friends and family can help you get your feet on the ground, or at least tether you so that you won`t blow away. You`re attracted to bustling activity. However, it would help to observe the differences between real life and drama. Watch how actors and attorneys power down once the meter stops running.
You like doing things the way you`ve always done them. You take comfort in always knowing what to expect. Even if your life is set up along predictable lines, change will always find a way in. And you have to admit that you could use a break from the ordinary. Part of this involves reading what people around you are going through. No matter how well you know them, they might still react surprisingly to new situations. Instead of trying to march in lockstep with them, incorporate all of these movements into your new dance.
Over in your corner of the Zodiac, the theme is about letting go of the old ways. Familiarity is soothing, but new data and sensations are incredibly exciting. You feel more alive than ever once you start letting them in. On one hand you have the facts, and on the other hand you have interpretations of the facts. Get as close as you can to the source, and start coming up with your own ideas. This could be a solo flight. Others may not understand your sudden thirst for knowledge in its purest form. Maybe you can explain it later on.
You`re smooth and maybe just too lucky for your own good. Your intense charm of the last few days is still with you, but more people would question your motivations if they really thought about them. The price that you`re currently paying seems reasonable, although you may come to see it as an extravagance. See this moment for what it is. The Stars are giving you a little extra time to wrap up unfinished business. Use it well. For the rest of this week, there are probably certain things hanging over your head.
You`re too quick to surrender. The only reason why things seem written in stone is that you haven`t reached out to feel that it`s merely clay. What you assumed was a script is just a spot on improvisation. You can play this game, too. You could even master it. Like so many other things, success is all in the details. To make the game more interesting, other people are changing their plans. They might not even know who you are, but their ripples push you into very different waters. Now you`re in an element that you truly understand. And how hard was that?
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