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for Wed 20 Aug 2014
Trying to do too many things at once only adds to your sense of confusion and frustration. Take your time and really think about what you`re doing before and why you`re actually doing it. Legal agreements and financial dealings need your full and undivided attention right now if they`re going to be successful, so if you don`t think you`re up to the task, postpone these kinds of procedures until you feel more at ease. Reading between the lines might be necessary, even when you`re reading a personal letter or email. Everyone isn`t saying exactly what`s on their mind, so it`s up to you to try to decipher hidden meanings.
Just like the Beatles sang, you`ll get by with a little help from your friends. Although you`re usually the rock for them to lean on, the tables turn today as you have something difficult to deal with. Don`t be afraid to put your complete trust in your best friends. They have no ulterior motives and only your best interests at heart. If you don`t feel comfortable disclosing personal details, just give them a basic summary of the situation. They will intuitively be able to fill in the rest of the blanks themselves, at least enough to be able to give you some good, helpful advice.
The more you try to explain yourself, the more difficult it becomes to get the words out clearly. Communication issues aren`t exactly easy for you right now and the more you try to clear misunderstandings up, the more muddled they may become. Try going over the words in your head before you actually say them. Think carefully about how certain terms or slang uses of various words will sound, especially considering the company you`re in. As right as it may seem, sometimes it really is best to heed the phrase, `if you can`t say anything nice, it`s best not to say anything at all.`
Leave the details for someone else to handle. Right now, you`re much more interested in conceptual thoughts and ideas rather than dwelling on concrete facts and trivial minutiae. When your mind wanders, prepare to go somewhere important. Your dreams both while you`re awake and asleep can lead you down some very interesting paths, but you have to be willing to take the first step. Don`t let the word no get in your way. If other people are pessimistic about your impending journey, it`s probably because they`re jealous. Trust your intuition and follow your heart`s desires, especially if they`re pointing you in an entirely new direction.
Everything you see isn`t exactly as it appears to be on the surface. Instead of jumping head first into new situations, take the time to find out what it is you`re getting yourself into. Money matters are best handles by professionals, or, at the very least, a friend who you can trust. You don`t really have a head for specific number and figures right now, which can lead to financial difficulties. If something or someone seems suspicious in any way, make sure your money never leaves your pocket. It`s much easier to hang onto your cash than to try to retrieve it once you let go.
You aren`t the only one confused by the day`s events, but you might be the only person who has the ability to do anything to change them. You seem to be the voice of reason in the midst of chaos, no matter how uncomfortable or unsure you are in this new role. Try to stick with the facts rather than go off on a tangent or in an unfamiliar direction. If you`re going to accomplish anything at all, chances are good that it`s going to be something small yet possibly significant.
Happiness is yours if you take the time to enjoy the little things that life has to offer. While other people are off chasing their big dreams, you`re enjoying the sunset or sitting in a rose garden. There will be plenty of time for you to do something big in the future. For now, be happy to admire the small wonders that the world has to offer. Right now, making progress should be the last thing on your mind. Although it might seem like other people are getting ahead of you, eventually you`ll end up at the same place. Rest assured that the scenic route is the best one for you to take at the moment.
Do you have a hidden talent that you haven`t let anyone in on yet? Although you love to keep secrets, this is the time to really surprise someone with what you can do. You don`t have to unveil the mystery all at once, Scorpio. Anticipation is half the fun, especially if you know exactly how to entice the audience into staying for your next act. You`re an expert at seduction, and you love to see the look on other people`s faces when you finally reveal what you`ve been hiding from them all this time. Enjoy the great press, stunning reviews and positive attention that your one man or woman show gets because you`ve definitely earned it!
Are things really disappearing, or is it simply that you can`t remember where you put them? The Stars make you a bit distracted, which makes it easy for you to lose items today even important ones like your purse, wallet or keys. It might help to make a mental note every time you put down an object that you might need later or to actually place a handwritten note on your refrigerator or desk listing your valuables and where you placed them. There aren`t any precautions that are too strange or small to take right now, Sagittarius. You`ll be thankful you wrote that note when you need to find your keys in an emergency!
Making friends is easy for the Goat, especially if you have the chance to meet people via volunteer or help related activities. Your helpful and outgoing nature makes it easy for other people to approach you, and it isn`t difficult for you to make conversation with even the most diverse crowd. If you don`t know your neighbors, this is a good time to break the ice. Offer to help them weed their gardens, make them a batch of homemade cookies or compliment them on something dear to their hearts. You may have a lot of friends, but there`s always room for one more.
Before you go out and spend your last dime, make sure that you`ve balanced your checkbook correctly and that your bank and credit cards statements are accurate. You may think that you deserve to splurge on something fantastic, but it`s important for you to know exactly how much money you`ve got before you actually attempt to blow it all. Incorrect adding and subtracting are the most likely culprits when your checkbook is out of whack, but there could be more serious problems. Be sure to check with your bank or financial institution if you think that there`s a problem that wasn`t actually your fault.
You`ve got enough energy to go all day, but do you really want to spend your time running from errand to errand or trying to get things done to please someone else? Probably not! Take some time out for yourself for a change. Give yourself permission to do something you want to do, and don`t feel guilty about it. Be as bold as you dare and as luxurious as your budget will allow. If you feel like taking someone along for the ride, make sure it`s someone you can laugh with. When you have the chance to enjoy a great day like this, there`s no reason to sabotage your good time by bringing someone along who doesn`t share your enthusiasm.
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