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for Mon 28 Jul 2014
The response matches the stimulus. The experiment is predetermined, and the researchers are working backward, massaging data as they go. Whether you`re telemarketing or dating, you successfully fish for the responses that you need. All this sounds a little too adventurous for those afraid of commitment. Maybe you prefer to be silent and watch the other smooth operators at work. Their success gives you faith in humanity. Even people who annoy you personally are worthy of your admiration. It takes all kinds to make the world go around. There`s even plenty of room for you, if you can find it.
Your life is the most interesting thing that ever happened to you. You`re not alone in this sentiment, although others think it about themselves and not necessarily about you. Choose your audience carefully. If you already told these people how much you have and what it cost you, you`ll notice their eyes glazing over. For some, even the first time is too much. Actively pay attention to a different story. New arrivals carry the baggage of life experiences that you never imagined. As your social skills improve, you`ll find that it`s not so hard to be one of many.
It`s impossible to stay home. Celebrities are out walking everywhere, and you might already be one of them. Worlds await your discovery. You veer toward exaggeration instead of understatement, but that`s a function of your increased energy, as well as part of your charm. People can`t help noticing your quick movements and brilliant statements. Maybe they believe that you`re some higher being visiting on Earth, or maybe they think you`re part of the show. It doesn`t really matter. You have the advantage, and you intend to use it. Get whatever is coming to you, and maybe a little extra besides.
Find your resting pace. Maybe you need to stop moving altogether. Down time is vital, even if you have to upset the apple cart to make it happen. After all, you`re the central cog that drives your own version of the world, and if you keep running on low batteries, damage to the system is likely. You don`t have to be alone in this. You have friends, allies and well wishers. Your partner is your best resource when it comes to self care. Having someone there to remind you is more effective than writing yourself notes that you`ll just ignore.
Your fantastic life leaves you feeling a little isolated. Everyone loves you for the amazing things that you do, but lately your schedule chops everything into smaller bites. Spend quality time with your friends. You remember who they are, don`t you? They wouldn`t forget you. Connect with these people before another hour goes by. Catch up with them over a great lunch or dinner. You know what kind of meal would work, but if you don`t have the opportunity to cook it, take everyone to an excellent restaurant. You can afford it now. But you still know that excellent and high priced don`t have to be the same thing.
Things have been so busy that you welcome any break in the action. Once the external noise subsides, you`re free to return to what you do best. If you`re paying attention, you might notice ominous reasons for the sudden quiet. Maybe the tide rushed out to gather into a big wave. Maybe the birds made themselves inaudible because of an intruder in the forest. Even if you`re dealing with human activity and not the forces of nature, prepare for the unexpected. You like to know what you`re getting into.
Wherever you`re going has to be good. Even though you may be delighted with this place, planning your getaway is appealing. You can afford to travel far and stay in the best places once you get there. The more you think about money, the louder it whispers in your ear. Dollars equal distraction as you add more to the pile. It`s hard to imagine leaving when you have all this business to manage. If you want others to take over for you, you`ll have to become more involved with their concerns. A different side of a familiar argument is suddenly clear to you.
You`re all over the map. Your plate is full. Your hands are busy. There`s no reason to take a break when you`re not tired. You`re fully engaged in everything that you undertake. This sounds like fun, but you`re setting yourself up for a spaghetti tangle of loose ends. The unfinished business is piling into a mountain range that you`ll notice the next time you come back this way. One obvious solution is to keep on going. One likely problem with that solution is that you`ll run out of road sooner or later. Start dealing with this now.
You`re bursting with unexpressed feelings. Of course you have to tell someone, but do any of these people qualify for the position of confidante? If you don`t trust them with your personal life, maybe you`d better keep it all to yourself for now. Watch for a likely pal. You`ll know what to say once you meet him or her, but probably not until then. All the best relationships generate their own terms and conditions. Some of those mysteries may work better as questions than as answers. After all, certain answers are too hot to handle. Information and emotion are uneasy bedfellows.
The Stars might be enigmatic, but the terrestrial powers are smiling on you. Powerful clients, landlords or government agencies are acting like your new best friends. Do you want all this attention? Is there a catch? Be cautious when taking advantage of open ended loans and big ticket gifts. The finance charges and implied payback on these things could take a bite out of your future peace of mind. Saying `thanks but no thanks` might not make you rich, but at least you`ll come away with your pride. And for a skilled, autonomous individual like you, pride is worth a lot.
When you have a job to do, you throw yourself into it. But if you`re not at work today, don`t think about working. Friends and loved ones notice that you may be getting a little obsessive about your career. You`re capable of so much, but your mental energy has many other uses. When strategy is a game, everyone`s wants you on his or her team. Naturally, you play to win. Do you know how cute you are when you`re this driven? If you haven`t figured it out yet, there`s probably more than one person who`d be glad to show you.
It`s hard to believe that everyone is leaving you alone, but this is your first quiet time in ages. After a leisurely start, or maybe a generous session of exercise or meditation, you review your recent accomplishments. This might even segue into a reevaluation of your current systems. Generally, a lot of thinking happens today. If you`re enjoying that part of it, you can save the actual work for another time. However, if you need to connect with the physical world or with the people who live there, getting out and doing something might not be such a bad idea.
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