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for Fri 29 May 2015
You would be smart to do more listening that talking today. Getting more fun out of life is likely to be a top priority. Clear up some unfinished projects while time is on your side. Your judgment will be quite good where your financial decisions are concerned. Gambling and speculation are good if you don`t bet the bank. Friends may drop by toward the evening hours so plan something simple. Some will have luck gambling, happiness comes through romance and fun pursuits.
"Something that appears to be an obstacle could turn out to be a blessing. A talk with a higher up can lead to a new position or assignment. A person met socially may prove to be helpful in business, Why not make plans for a get together with friends in the afternoon hours, but don`t let it run late into the evening hours, romance can blossom with that new someone if you keep the evening hours open to be with that special someone.
Once you settle down a little, good things start to happen. A pet project is likely to be a labor of love. Proper timing is the key to success now. The am hours are great for progress, so do your homework where your job is concerned. The afternoon hours also bring someone from your past in the door. You may just bump into an old friend; invite them along for your evening out with you friends for fun and excitement so don`t be surprised if romance is in the air.
You are a whiz when it comes to artistic detail. If you have too many decisions to make, at least it means that you`re still in the game. You`ll be blessed with extra energy and drive. A new strategy will help to improve your performance at work. Promote yourself and your ideas. The feedback you will receive from others will help in your success. Consult with those in a position to help you. Tonight romance will be important so make plans with your partner for something special.
Someone you feel has restricted you in the past now seems. Follow through on something that you began a long time ago, Leo. Hard work pays off. You are very productive today, getting a project completed with a little time to spare. So now is a good time to get things done. You have the ability to make some positive changes in your life. Send out Resumes or schedule important meetings. Tonight is a good time to mix business with pleasure, but don`t forget to include your romantic partner.
You tend to be a true diplomat at heart, although others think that you are to critical at times Show your soft side in little ways today. The little things that are going wrong won`t ruin you day. Decisions made today will not have a great impact on your future, Virgo. It is not necessary to focus too hard on the outcome. Confusion works to your advantage, if you play your cards right. Tonight just relax and enjoy your evening by just reading a book or watching your favorite movie.
The morning will be a good time for progress. It is a good day to deal wit realtors, bankers, or agents. Major changes in your career or social life will bring you the recognition you deserve. Don`t let the little things trip you up later in the day. Remember that true success involves many different levels of progress. You should start examining your friendships and other associations and don`t over indulge in food or drinking tonight just relax at home and enjoy being with friends.
You should have some personal time to spend on shopping this afternoon, if you get busy and get things done in the morning hours. Partnerships and friendships will play a bigger role in your life over the next few days. It is a good time to make important decisions regarding your romantic partner. You may not be able to choose your relatives, but you can certainly choose your partnerships and friendships. Plan a get together with your friends and romantic partner this evening.
What you so and say will be noticed and appreciated, even though you may choose to play a subtle roll. An improved attitude will help to make your present situation much easier, especially where family interest and property matters are concerned. There are some things you just cannot change, no matter how hard you try. Don`t let little things spoil your day. It is time to admit this to yourself and move on. This evening take a loved one out for a dinner and a movie.
Be receptive to new ideas, others can give you a fresh slant on life and love and anything else that you are interested in learning more about. Improving a relationship will first involve improving yourself. Take care not to cross swords with a co worker today, you can get much done if you just keep to yourself. A meeting with an authority figure will prove beneficial if you can get your point across on a project. Tonight dinner and a movie with friends will be fun.
There a reason you look so sparkly, and could it be because of a new relationship that is picking up steam. There is intense feeling on both sides.. Matters of the heart will be on your mind today, but dealing with your partner will be a different story, spend the day doing your own thing and let your partner do theirs. You will be glad that you did. Tomorrow will be a better day to get your point across to them.
Alternate periods of work and play so you won`t become bored. Greater financial freedom is possible when you stick to a pre arranged budget. Unexpected financial resources may become available to you. Shop around before you purchase that item that you need you will find it at a better price if you do a little investigating. Romance will come when you least expect it so relax and unwind with friends this evening. You never know who you might meet in your favorite place for food and fun.
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