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for Thu 27 Nov 2014
The onset of power rips away the fabric of what you previously may have thought was your reality. You become a source of magnetic attraction to all whose lives you touch. Your own nature is changing. So you will never be without power and love. Cash inflow is excellent.
Students and youngsters who are feeling blocked in their emotional life need to look within themselves for the enemy of their progress. Try to break the momentum of past habits with sweetheart/mate/partner.
The married are likely to feel quite exhausted today as spouse/mate makes unreasonable demands on your time and attention. Those engaged to be married are likely to have second thoughts about marriage. Students/youngsters should use previous successes as points of reference to study harder and do well.
Someone in your work environment is envious of you and is likely to play manipulative games ruining your goodwill. If you discover it, a confrontation is likely. Avoid allowing situations go out of hand. Trust your hard work and good luck instead.
You will be taught a bitter lesson today by a close pal you least expect it from. Take it in your stride. Avoid grudges. Health will need attention this evening, especially if suffering from headaches or vertigo problems.
At work, you are at your best. A wage hike and much praise are in store. Experiment with new ideas and also win hearts of those who are skeptical about your sudden success. Surprises will bring on more surprises this evening.
If in love with someone quite undeserving a parting of ways is not ruled out. At work, do not try anything new. Stick to routine and maintain a low profile. Cash inflow is satisfactory.
Legacies, lotteries, past investments turning into big and unexpected money are likely today. Students need to be careful, as there is danger of money being lost through carelessness this evening, especially during travel.
Your skill and talents bring you recognition and fame, but be wary of those who would try and manipulate you through emotions to do their bidding. Also, do not confide in people who are apt to be jealous of your success. Cash inflow is excellent.
A casual acquaintance/colleague may approach you for a loan today. It would be better not to give the loan, as chances of repayment are dim. Also, be wary of any get rich quick propositions that are made to you, as they will bring only disappointment regarding money. Health is good.
Your boss may tend to pressurize you at the work place. Its best not to get into any argument over chores. Challenges should be faced with confidence. Your mate may make special plans to whisk you away to a romantic spot this evening.
Those in transferable jobs hear of their next move and are pleased. For some you there is a likelihood of a business trip abroad that could be very successful. Domestic life is harmonious and peaceful. Plan a treat for your family this evening.
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