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for Sun 23 Nov 2014
Some of you have recently been disappointed in a love affair. However, the individual concerned takes you by surprise today by writing to you admitting his/her love for you in no uncertain terms. He/she is also likely to ask a very firm long time commitment from you. Those in ongoing relationships enjoy closer ties and deeper bonds.
If there is someone in your environment who has been annoying you in some way, today there is likely to be a confrontation with him. Be calm when you speak with him. It is quite likely that he is not aware of the problem he is causing you.
Ups and downs in your personal relationships are on the cards today. Your sweetheart/spouse and you may have arguments over the most trivial matters. It is best to take a few deep breaths and think before you speak today. Have an early night.
If you and your current partner have had ongoing conflicts, then at some point today you will have to face the truth about your relationship. Decisions will need to be taken, and you are likely to confide in a parent (possibly a mother), and in close friends. Some of you may plan on going your separate way.
By all accounts most of you seem to be benefiting from a spiritual maturity you have achieved. Those of you in business with partners are likely to gain monetary profits today. On the home front, your emotional partnership also flourishes, with your spouse/mate and you forging deeper bonds.
Someone emotionally close to you may give you some good advice concerning a business matter. If your spouse/sweetheart has been away from home, he/she will be making plans to return, and this cheers you up considerably. Health is good, and cash inflow is excellent.
There is someone of the same sex, either a close friend or a sibling, who will stand by you during a difficult time today. Family problems will recede into the background. Stability in business is very much on the cards for you.
Someone makes offensive remarks about you in your hearing. This angers you. Be careful of what you say, as angry word can bring about discord and conflict. There may be some temporary delay in getting back money that is due to you.
You are riding high today with harmony making you feel extremely positive about life. An enterprise undertaken by you has been successfully completed, bringing you rich financial gains. Students/youngsters are all set to paint the town red this evening in the company of sweetheart and friends.
More public acclaim is on the cards for you today. It would be wise to make few plans for this evening, as they are likely to be changed. The changes will be of a positive nature. A telephone call brings you good news.
You take time out to console a pal having personal problems and are likely to spend the day in his/her company indulging in mutual interests and fancies. Home life is peaceful as you resolve tension by open communication and grace.
You may feel under the weather and expect loved ones to surround you and take extra care of your needs. You may be disappointed, and indulge in a few temper tantrums. Do not over react and get your facts right before flying accusations at love ones.
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