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for Mon 22 Dec 2014
You may think you are in full control, but perhaps you are just doing the work of someone further up the chain of command. Dispense of your duties with wisdom instead of ego. A volunteer is more eager than a draftee. By sharing your work with those around you, you will find the benefits of companionship and a lightened load. Cultivate the good will of people you work with to overcome difficulties. Right now, charm will serve you better than toughness. As you relax and pay attention to the people around you, the truth of a situation will become clear.
Something is awakening within you. It could be a new way of looking at the world or a new sensitivity to beautiful things that escaped your notice before. In any case, you can expect to become more sensual and responsive than you ever have been. And you can also expect that other people in your life will notice this as well. Take advantage of the moment. Adopt new attitudes and tastes that will profoundly change the lives of those around you.
Dont expect that everybody is going to see the changes that are taking place deep inside you. A change in attitude is not like a change in attire. It is more personal, more subtle and, more than anything else, revealed only after a long period of observation. Other than being patient with those around you, you also have to give yourself a little time to get used to the new you. Although you probably have few doubts that the changes are positive, they still will take some getting used to.
The person across the room seems to have their eyes locked on you. Is this the gaze of adoration or hatred? Under the current celestial conditions, it may be hard to tell the difference. More important yet, it may be harmful to even try to decipher the differences. What are you going to do? Well, it seems that you have a clear choice before you. You can return the gaze and start the showdown as soon as possible, or you can go along your merry way and stay alert to their next few moves.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with allowing yourself to be captivated by beauty, whether you find it in a painting, a story, a piece of music or the elegant movements of your next door neighbor. What would be detrimental to your health, your reputation and your job performance not to mention intimate relationships would be to let that appreciation turn into an obsession. Rather than trying to take control, learn the subtle joy of appreciating from a distance.
endeavors are more profitable than solo ventures. Others may not appreciate it if you act alone, even though the temptation to do so may be very strong. The wise move, however, may be to talk things through with partners be they business or romantic and let the idea sit in the back of your brain for a day or two. This will simultaneously give your subconscious a chance to mull over the ramifications and give you more perspective on what seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Somebody is dangling a rather juicy piece of bait before your eyes, and your mouth is watering at the thought of a nibble. While there is a way to grab the prize without catching the hook, the way to do this may not be all that obvious, at least not yet. Instead of acting out of haste or letting your emotions get the best of you, consider a calm and calculated approach. Consider a way to distract and outsmart the trapper, to outwit the con man and to outthink the shyster. It is probably easier than you think.
The heavy foot of indecision comes to stomp on your smoothly moving process. It may be difficult to think when you consider how much is at stake. You still have a few days left to find the answer. Take the time to reassess your situation on your own. Advice from others might not be what you need right now. Only you have the patience and understanding to figure out what you need. Try taking walks alone or spending time reading a book. Some solitary thinking time will help to make your decision easier.
Participate wholeheartedly in gatherings, parties and soirees. You never know who you could meet. Be outspoken about your opinions if you want to be noticed, and dont be afraid to backtrack and reconsider if you say something too boldly and confidently without thinking it through. While those in the mix will certainly be impressed by someone who is not wishy washy in the least, flexibility will also score some important points with those in power. If you are simultaneously firm but flexible, you could win a few people over to your side.
Not everybody who comes along with a smile, a handshake and an arsenal of statistics really knows what they are talking about. Some may only be trying to prove their worth to themselves while others may be trying to trick you. In any case, you need to tap into the subtleties and figure out what is driving someone who seems to appear out of nowhere. While their intentions may be true, you really will have no way of knowing this. Give them a little time to prove themselves.
Your friends and relatives hardly recognize you will that wide and shining smile spreading across your face. You are feeling giddy and childlike, laughing at anything resembling a joke. If there is no obvious reason for this sudden and dramatic change in attitude, you really dont need to go out looking for one. You can simply enjoy the moment and let the party come to you. While people are usually automatically attracted to you, this particular trait will be amplified right now.
If you are feeling a bit bitter when it comes to a situation you really have no control of, you need to get over it. You know the rules of the game as well as anybody else, and you tacitly agreed to them when you entered the arena. The playing field is more level than you realize. You can, however, turn the tables. Play the game, and give it your best shot. While you may not finish the night standing atop the winners podium, you can still have a little fun.
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