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for Tue 23 Sep 2014
Travel and educational matters are happily accented. Accept invitations, as new friends will enter your life. You will have the urge to build up and expand in some way now. Perhaps you will be motivated to travel study or introduce something new into your work or business. An excellent time for making decisions or discussing important issues, however it will be important to keep everything in perspective. Try not to exaggerate or blow things out of proportion. A good day for you to rekindle a lust for life and, a stirring of your romantic desires.
Partnerships matters are your top priority. Learning to celebrate the love you have for one another can make each day and every night a special occasion. Communications with friends, loved ones and even strangers have a natural flow to them over this period. A courteous and pleasant manner can win friends and influence people. This can be a good time for socializing, or for discussing matters of the heart, or art. A flirtation with an attractive potential love interest can bring a smile to your face, if even only for a moment. You feel relaxed and others are at ease in your company.
Unexpected new comes from a distance. You have a tendency to go overboard when partying may need watching. Place your accent on moderation. An excellent time for investigative work and for getting to the bottom of something. You have an advantage in negotiations, if you remember to hold something back in reserve. Release information on a need to know basis, when dealing with others. You are in the mood for fun at the moment. Be socially spontaneous. A night out could be just what you need to relax. Social, creative, artistic and possibly even romantic activities are accented.
You could find yourself getting into a family argument and it could spoil today`s good feelings. Realize that you are not the only one that is under pressure and that criticism, even if it is with the best of intentions, can be cruel. Your biggest challenge is to understand that you can be too honest and outspoken. Anticipate a period of increased communications, such as larger than usual numbers of emails and a constantly ringing phone. Others will challenge your views and opinions. Preferably, avoid making important decisions, if possible. There is no one that can fool you like you can fool yourself now.
It would be a good day to follow the lead of a partner who will have a wonderful suggestion. It is a great day for travel. Also you could work on your procrastinating it definitely needs curbing. This can be a good time to re define responsibilities and boundary lines in your important personal relationships. You have a good balance between the feeling and the reasoning sides of your nature, so you are able to address any issues between you and others constructively and objectively. Anticipate a period of instant attractions, coupled with the tendency to fall in and out of love suddenly.
Now is the time to put some emphasis on your daily routine during the next few weeks. You have a high energy level now and can get a lot of things done, which may have been on your to do list for a long time. You are more in touch with your own and others` feelings now. If you have anything on your mind you`re unsure of, you should be able to find good listeners and advisers. Subtle shifts in power can work to your advantage now. Be alert to the dynamics between yourself and those in influential positions.
Financial matters are on the top of your list today. Be very careful how you handle your money for the next few weeks. You don`t have to cut out all unnecessary purchases, but do cut back on most of frivolous items. You have an overwhelming urge to achieve a lot now, however there is a real danger that you will over estimate your physical drives and run yourself ragged. You may act territorially and aggressively towards others and experience intense power struggles.
This is a good time for you there is a sense of change and renewal. You feel your energy rising within you and it is affecting your creative power. You may be surprised at just how co operative and helpful others are towards you now. Your relations with other people are better than usual and your social calendar is likely to be quite full. Communications with others take on a personal or subjective tone and they may not necessarily be harmonious. Be prepared to hold your tongue, if appropriate.
You should put your efforts into meditation and hind sight. You have a tendency to live firmly on the surface of things, but you need to take a more rational approach. This can be a pleasant and enjoyable day. You are able to relax and gain respite from the pressures of modern living. Treat yourself or another to a small gift or outing; it will make you feel good. A social setting could bring you into contact with someone influential or significant. You can achieve a lot at this time, especially in your career.
Emphasis is on your social life, an area you don`t always feel at your best in. Try and relax and gain some self esteem. You have all it takes to be a social success. Your physical and competitive drives are more subdued and relaxed at the moment. This is an excellent period to take some time out in quiet and tranquil surroundings. Spend some time in reflection, go to a spiritual retreat, fishing lodge or similar. Smugness or arrogance could color this period. The question is, are these traits in you or another?
This day is the highlighting of your career and it will be this way for the next few weeks. You really feel plugged into everything now ready to take on new responsibilities. Things are likely to go your way now, so enjoy the ride. Allow your instincts to guide you in your actions during this period, and trust them when assessing the actions of others. This is a good time for catching up with odd jobs around the home, or for doing things together with your family.
Travel and education is on your mind today. If you have been thinking about going back to school, in order to boost up that resume, this is the perfect time for you. Determine what your priorities are for this period and push them through with vigor and decisive action. You are intellectually sharp and able to talk yourself into and out of just about anything now. This is an excellent time for setting up a time in motion study. You can improve your efficiency by applying logic and reason to the way you do things, especially at work.
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